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Graphic design

Specialised in 2D graphics, image optimisation and lean designs. Vast experience. Authentic creativity.

Seminars & Lectures

Individually tailored seminars and lectures (online & in-situ, in Finnish / in English) available on request just for your needs.

Training & Welfare (examples):
‣ Ethics & welfare in animal training
‣ Loopy training & secondary reinforcers as discriminative stimuli
‣ The power of freedom of choice
‣ Setting up for success: the principles of errorless learning
‣ Extinction -the fifth dimension

Breeding & Welfare (examples):
‣ Breeding in small populations -conservation genetic approach to companion animal breeding
‣ Breeding welfare -there is more to explore


More related and unrelated services by request, but always on a foundation of creativity and experience.

Work with us

Who is Hyppypaja?

Roope Groot

Extensive international communication experience. Entrepreneurial background in the Netherlands and in Finland. Engaging years as acting director and head of communications at an NGO, working both for Africa and Eastern Europe. Lifelong learning enthousiast. Dutch national champion in agility.

Eeva Ylinen

Specialist in canine and human learning. Science based practical approach: focus on ethical, least intrusive and minimally aversive methods with the goal to increase the welfare of dog-human dyad. Full time lecturer in the field of animal care and welfare since 2007 (pedagogical qualification). Biologist (MSc). Specialist in behavior analytic animal training (Tampere university). Further vocational qualification in animal training. Continuing education in animal assisted interventions. On-going projects: 1. Ecological scent recognition (utilising canine olfactory potential in biological field work settings) 2. Exploring secondary reinforcers as discriminative stimuli.