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Agility Jumps

Making durable, stylish competition jumps from wood is how it started. Moving on to aluminium in 2019

Coaching & Lecturing

Interested in breeding in small populations, or improving welfare through breeding? Ask a lecture. Practical coaching available in obedience, social learning applications, dog centred care approach, scent recognition, etc.

Graphic Design

Specialised in 2D graphics, image optimisation and lean designs. Vast experience. Authentic creativity.


More related and unrelated services by request, but always on a foundation of creativity and experience

Our Brilliant Team

Hyppypaja is the home for 2 smart persons with different experience and skill sets. Together it’s the complete package.


aestethic solutions

Extensive international experience at your service. Entrepreneur background in the Netherlands and in Finland. Engaging years as acting director and head of communications at an NGO, working both in Africa and Eastern Europe. Lifelong learning enthousiast; BBA degree in process. Dutch national champion in agility.


sharing knowledge

Expert in canine and human learning. Science based practical approach. Teacher in animal care since 2007. Passion in dog breeding and welfare. Biologist and PhD researcher in conservation genetics. Participant of Canine Science Forum 2010-2018. Competing in dog sports since 1991 (eg. agility SM-7 2007 Foxforest Bandit Queen & FIN TVA Kelmi Meni Jo).

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