It was 2013 when I started Hyppypaja. Its only activity back then was to make affordable wooden jumps for dog agility and at the same time, entirely something else, take my design work to the market. And so it happened. I always had in mind that Hyppypaja had to be scalable and flexible. Therefore some years saw way more orders than others.

The jump, or hurdle making did eventually lead to a product that I could firmly stand behind. It took something like 5 revisions. I liked it so much that when the market demanded aluminium and no longer wood, I wanted the identical measurements that my wooden jump had for my intended to be developed aluminium jump. That jump never saw the light of day. Many factors all at the same time, all outside of my influence (Brexit, Corona) meant that I simply could not and should not try to put one out on the market. And that’s how making jumps ended more or less in 2019.

I sometimes still wonder if some affordable version of my wooden jump could be manufactured. I have some ideas of how that would look, but don’t hold you breath.